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Now taking applications for contract social media roles


Your talent and expertise are in demand.

Our boutique agency offers a range of digital and content marketing services, but social media is our bread and butter. And as you know, “social media” encompasses many things. The types of projects we may need support with include:

  • Paid social strategy and media buying

  • Reporting and analytics

  • Strategy development

  • Project management and coordination

  • Content calendars, from planning to scheduling and posting

  • Content creation (copywriting, design)

  • Community management and customer service

All opportunities are part-time, contract (1099) based, remote, and paid hourly or by project. As we grow, there may be an opportunity to convert to employee status and/or become full-time.


We currently have the greatest need for these roles:

Paid Social Campaign Manager

Paid Social Campaign Managers are experts in all things social media advertising, particularly Facebook and Instagram. You’ll be responsible not just for running, managing, and optimizing ad campaigns, but creating smart, thoughtful media plans and advertising strategies that accomplish client goals.

If you’re strategic and analytical, know Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager like the back of your hand, and have a proven track record of success with Facebook and Instagram campaigns, let’s talk.

Content Creator

Content Creators are responsible for creating monthly and bimonthly content calendars for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

This includes brainstorming and planning topics based on each client's documented strategy, designing graphics and creating short videos in Animoto, writing copy, selecting strategic hashtags, and organizing all of the content into a Google Sheet. You may also be working with designers and copywriters to produce the content.

Once the content is approved, you’ll then be responsible for scheduling the content to client social media channels via Iconosquare, Buffer, Tailwind, and Facebook.

Marketing Operations & Project Management

Organized, left-brained, and on top of #allthethings. An expert in wrangling schedules, you believe in systems, checklists, and documenting processes. You know Asana in and out. You’re a strong communicator and people person, and you’re the linchpin of every organization you’ve ever been part of.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to talk. We’re looking for a self-motivated operations right hand to help manage projects, clean up processes and systems, and keep the machine humming so we can scale effectively and efficiently. A marketing-focused Virtual Assistant could also fit the bill.

Who Should Apply?

So that we can scale when we need to, we prefer to work with freelancers who are fully self-employed or are otherwise in control of their own schedules, but side hustlers are still encouraged to apply.

You should have prior experience (at least 2 years) managing social on behalf of a brand or business that is not your own, either as a paying client or full-time job.

Deep expertise in social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) is a must.

An understanding of the trends, culture, behaviors and communities that exist within each social media platform (and a general curiosity about people and consumer behavior overall) helps as well.

You should be passionate about branding, digital marketing, and creating amazing experiences for the ‘end user’ on social media - the audience our clients are trying to engage online.

Ideally, you’ll also have a strong portfolio of past social media work at the ready, especially if you’re applying for a creative or content role. References and testimonials help, too.

If you’re applying for a content creation role, strong writing skills are a must - and not just grammatically correct, fluent English writing, but writing that captures attention in just a few words, provokes, and elicits emotion.

Experience with Google Sheets, Google Slides, PowerPoint and Excel (especially if you’re at Comfort Level: Pivot Tables) is required.

You’ll need to be familiar with the other tools we use, like Asana for project management, Iconosquare, Canva, Animoto, and Facebook Business Manager.

We need motivated self-starters who take ownership of their projects, hold themselves accountable, and are always striving to improve. We have high standards for the work we do for our clients, and so should you.

A Bachelors degree in Marketing, Business, or a related or creative field is required.

We’re based in Dallas, but you don’t need to be.


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