We serve

established, purpose-driven brands in a cycle of innovation.


Your brand is on a mission.

Even if you’re for-profit, you’re not here just to turn a profit. You’re here to serve your customers and enhance their lives.

And to achieve that, you’re willing to try things your company has never done before, like:

  • Launching something unexpected, like a disruptive new product or service

  • Creating a cause or movement around the problem you help solve

  • Giving back in more tangible ways, like a new giving arm or philanthropic campaign

No matter the shape of your mission, one thing is clear:

You’re here to make a dent in the universe. 

So are we.


We’ve elevated brands across a spectrum of B2C + B2B verticals. Here are a few of the industries our clients are shaking up:

  • Healthcare and wellness

  • Hospitality, travel and tourism

  • Luxury goods and retail

  • Financial services and banking

  • Technology and SaaS

  • Nonprofits and social enterprises

A few of the brands we’ve worked with:




What people say:

Sarah Kennedy Ellis, CMO Marketo

Megan Van Groll is a rare unicorn with the critical thinking skills of a strategic business and marketing leader, paired with the unique combo of a brand journalist and artist/designer all in one. I searched for her for years, and she was worth the wait. Go get her.” – Sarah Kennedy Ellis, VP Global Marketing, Adobe


"Megan's work was unparalleled by any other member of our team. She not only brought a brilliant results-driven big-picture strategic acumen to her work, but also a huge appreciation of logistics across partners and overall extreme attention to detail. Megan is a natural leader who leads by example, who always sought out ways to add value to the teams she worked with. Megan is by far the hardest worker I've ever met." - Laura Muirhead, Director of Digital Strategy, NATIONAL Public Relations

Laura Muirhead
Lindsey Cade

"Megan is a decisive and collaborative leader with a strong sense of what approach will position us in the strongest way possible creatively. I have watched her lead projects across many stakeholder groups and transform the way our creative department works today. She has established a new level of rigor in our processes and also has an eye for aligning our brand and product messaging with the market problems our customers value most. - Lindsey Cade, Director of Product Marketing, RealPage


"Megan is one of the most solid, thoughtful and astute professionals I have ever worked with. Very buttoned up with an unfailing grasp of the big picture, she brings an understated authority to her work. She is a strong team collaborator and leader. And she's insanely creative to boot!" - Stephanie Hoefken, Public Relations Director, UTD Center for BrainHealth

Stephanie Hoefken